The Land To Lab To Land Continuum

We have deep collaborations and partnerships with several universities in Malaysia and India and are setting up Centres of Excellence in these countries to further research and development in Precision Agriculture, Digital Agriculture, AI driven Disease Identification Systems, Drones and Climate Smart Farming. This enables us to test and implement research output from laboratories as meaningful solutions to farmers as well as take problems from the field to the labs to find solutions.

We also have partnerships with various colleges to provide training and certification courses in IR 4.0 in Agriculture, Drones and related technologies through Classroom, Online and Blended Learning methods.

Our industry collaborations in the areas of Drone technology, IoT sensors, Bio Fertilizers and Agricultural Enterprise Systems with companies who are domain pioneers help us incorporate industry leading solutions into our services to bring the best the world has to offer to our clients.

  • Academia
    • AI and Deep Learning Solutions
    • Business Intelligence and Agri Analytics
    • AI Driven Disease Identification Algorithms (IDIA)
    • Data Lake Analytics using Big Data & AI
    • Bioinformatics and Genomics for agriculture
    • Precision and Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Industry
    • Firefly Life Sciences, India Firefly Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. are pioneers in the fields of Nano-Technology and Agro-Technology. Firefly Life Sciences operates across several verticals such as Biological Water Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Permaculture, Food Grade Enzymes, Nutraceuticals and Next Generation Agricultural Technologies that are sustainable, ecological and economical.
    • POIS, Malaysia
    • Adaptive Agrotech
      • Precision and Climate Smart Agriculture
    • Sealbotics
      • Drones and drone services
  • Centres of Excellence
    • AIMST University, Malaysia

We have a strategic partnership with AIMST University to establish a Centre of Excellence for agricultural research and development and related training with a focus on Plants Genomics and Microbiomes.


The ultimate goal of every Palm Oil plantation management is to achieve optimum yield with reduced operating cost – a sustainable plantation with high yield, well preserved environment and well utilised resources.

i-Plantation is the first complete solution for the global Palm Oil Industry started in 1996. i-plantation is a mature system implemented in large plantations throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. The system is well integrated for a complete plantation operation’s management activities from field to mill.

i-Plantation provides the complete  solution  for plantation operations and management . All areas of Plantation Management including Finance and Accounting Management, Resources Management, Vehicle & Equipment Management and Mill Management.  These modules have been integrated with RCBN’s BI and Predictive Analysis to provide analyses and everyday-decision-making. RCBN’s research and development team, that comprises PhD scholars, supports all our systems development. We collaborate with industry leaders and reputable Universities in our BI and analytical systems development. RCBN continuously improves and enhances its systems in line with the latest technology and agronomic advancements.