Climate Smart Agriculture – From a Confused farmer to a Connected Farm

The adverse effects of climate change and variation in weather patterns on the agricultural economy is well knows. There is increasing emphasis and research on methodologies to help the farming community to counter these effects.

Precision Agriculture and Digital Agriculture are key to optimising farming practices to maximise benefit in specific field locations. Climate Smart Agriculture improves on these methodologies by aligning them to Sustainable Development Goals.

At RCBN, we are at the forefront of exploiting new technology and intelligent farming methods to achieve these goals. Farmers are now flooded with data from various sensors and applications that leave them confused as they have no tools to convert these data into meaningful decisions on the ground. Our IoT sensors along with AI driven applications help farmers interpret data from the farm and weather-related information.

Our data-driven approach, using mobile applications and smart IoT systems, helps farm operators/growers optimize intervention strategies to derive agronomic and economic benefits by monitoring their crops at regular intervals to identify crop production problems and remedy them more quickly or efficiently.

Intelligent Disease Identification Applications (IDIA™)

Early identification of plant disease, diagnosis and management will help contain spread as well contain potential losses. IDIA™, our cutting edge image based disease recognition system, allows farmers to capture images on smart phones to detect common diseases early. Our first application for Chilli plants has already been successful in identifying common diseases. The applications can recommend the appropriate treatment for the organism identified with links to procure biofertilizers from our partners. Combined with our Precision Agriculture techniques, we can isolate, monitor and treat localised areas of infection and save valuable resources.


Our drone services include:

  • GPS/GIS services related to mapping and acreage verification
  • Remotely-sensed imagery for precision agriculture requirements, planting point mapping, crop scouting
  • Autonomous harvesting, weeding, fertilization & transport
  • Land survey
  • Pest & disease detection using image processing/Intelligence

Bioinformatics and Genomics for Agriculture

While Precision and Digital Agriculture have been gaining popularity, the biological aspects of plant growth and development (Microbiome) have not been studied in great detail. Understanding the effect of the plant-microbe interaction is essential as they influence the quality and the quantity of agricultural crops being produced.

We have a strategic partnership with AIMST University, Malaysia to establish a Centre of Excellence for research to better understand this plant-microbe interaction and improve the efficiency of Precision Agriculture techniques.


We provide training courses in the following areas:

  • IR 4.0
  • Digital Transformation
  • Drone Operator Certification

Our online and blended learning courses are delivered through ARIV, our state-of-the-art Learning Management System.

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