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Plantation Management Solution - iPlantation

i-Plantation is a plantation operations and management system, is a modular based system for integrated crops. The various modules cover all the management functions such as finance, resource such as workforce, vehicle and equipment’s and mill management.

All these modules have interfaces to interact with hand held devices. With data collected from various sources it is transformed into DASHBOARD - information that are used for analytical purposes assisting day-to-day decision making.

Preventive Maintenance – Facilities Management System

Maintenance Systems that exists in the market are mostly complicated but our FMS provides a simple and easy to use full system implementation, taking days and not months to get your FMS implemented. With subject matter experts who have done over 100 various FMS implementations, FMS provides the quickest solution to optimize your maintenance team. The rapid growth in business these days has contributed to acquiring asset and when it comes to maintaining then has become a challenge and most of the companies are moving towards facilities management.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our business consultants have experience in provide business solution in various domain. we have provided BI consultation with Malaysian and Indonesian businesses. We have various stages in our implementation, user interface, OLAP Cubes, Data Warehouse. the user interface level - we provide charts, drilldown reports and interactive dashboard. OLAP - Online analytical processing cubes provide different perspective of looking at the data for better decisions. Data Warehouse - we have provided services to extract data from various source and perform the ETL and load the data to keep it ready for the BI.


Our Training and consultation aims to improve the decision-making process through a rigorous data analysis within the customer’s data series, as well as to enable key personals to draw insights from the acquired data. During this program the attendees will understand, through hands on training, how to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data for a better decision making process, based on historical data and trend analysis. Upon attending this program participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in working with data. The information will enable them to better understand the meaning of data and the insights that it reveals.